How do I enter my SC Company employees?

You must be an SC Administrator to give any of your SC Contacts a User ID and Password. Log into BlueSky; you will be taken to the General screen. Click on the Contacts tab.

Click New to enter a new contact. To edit an existing contact, click on the name of that contact.

If you click New, you'll see this pop-up:

Enter all relevant information for this contact, including an email address. The user type determines what level of access they have to your Company profile. Make sure that one of your contacts has Use for Automated Email Notifications checked in their profile.

Click OK when finished. You'll be taken back to the main contacts grid. On the far right side of the grid, you'll see a small blue key icon. Click on this to give this contact a user ID and password. Login Allowed must be checked for this person to actually log in.

There are 2 User Groups for SC contacts; SC-Admin and SC Contact. An S-C Administrator typically has a few more permissions than an S-C Contact. If you need help or want these changed, reach out to the Agency or Vendor who runs the site or send an email to

Be sure to email the newly created credentials to the contact.

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