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  1. 1099 Caregiver pulling into W2 Timesheets

  2. Accepted field in Caregiver Placement

  3. Add a caregiver to your database

  4. Add a new Facility to your system

  5. Adding a New Caregiver Status

  6. Address Update per Facility

  7. Addresses on Invoices

  8. Are checklists required for all Specialties?

  9. Are Shift and Need Statuses color coded in the app like they are in BlueSky?

  10. Assigning Recruiters to SC Caregivers

  11. Attachments to Invoice

  12. Billing Adjustment Features

  13. Billing Adjustment Permissions

  14. Billing Adjustments

  15. BlueSky BootCamp: Admin Training

  16. BlueSky BootCamp: Entering Caregivers

  17. BlueSky BootCamp: Entering Facilities

  18. BlueSky BootCamp: Margin Calculators

  19. BlueSky BootCamp: Payroll & Invoicing

  20. BlueSky BootCamp: Reports & Permissions

  21. BlueSky BootCamp: Travel Scheduling & Rates

  22. BlueSky Infrastructure and Logical Access Security Information

  23. BlueSky's "Short Application" Functionality

  24. Bubble Logic

  25. Can I create Caregiver Evaluations in BlueSky?

  26. Can I create custom invoices for my facilities?

  27. Can I customize the login page for my system?

  28. Can I edit the automated emails that come from BlueSky?

  29. Can I enable BlueSky to automatically notify my Subcontracting Companies of their Caregivers' Required Documents?

  30. Can I put in more than one email to receive email notifications?

  31. Can I setup email notifications about submissions for my SC Contacts?

  32. Can I show sales tax on BlueSky invoices?

  33. Can I upload resumes from my desktop to BlueSky?

  34. Can my caregivers "opt out" or unsubscribe from mass emails from my system?

  35. Caregiver Approved by Facility Note

  36. Caregiver Compliance

  37. Caregiver Set Up

  38. Changing a Caregiver's Time Sheet

  39. Changing a Caregiver/Provider's Region

  40. Changing Application Heading Names

  41. Changing Caregiver Status

  42. Connecting Subcontractors from BlueSky to QB

  43. Could BlueSky Rate Groups help me as an MSP?

  44. Create Pay Package From Needs Or MC Grid

  45. Creating a Company User

  46. Creating Travel Needs with Margin Calculators and Submissions

  47. Daily and Weekly OT Logic

  48. Does a Caregiver know the User Id/Password I create?

  49. Does BlueSky integrate with Facebook?

  50. Enroll your Caregivers in "Open Shift Notifications"

  51. Entering Rates in Facility & Unit profiles

  52. Entering Work History

  53. Expiring Required Document Notifications

  54. Facility Linking and Import

  55. Facility Orientation Rules

  56. Facility Setup

  57. Facility Systems and Contacts

  58. Facilty / Unit level required docs placement

  59. Filtering and managing Caregiver Notes

  60. g. Flag job as Hot job (Need) and add this flag to Export. Utilize Hot job search.

  61. Government Contracts and Invoicing

  62. Help! My screen is all messed up...and I know there was an upgrade!

  63. Help! The Caregiver calendar has changed!

  64. How are invoice numbers created if "By Default Settings" is selected in Company Setup?

  65. How can I add a new Company Holiday into BlueSky?

  66. How can I add Educational Degrees to Blue Sky?

  67. How can I edit the company information on my BlueSky invoices?

  68. How can I filter for all caregivers working for a Master Vendor?

  69. How can I print the Mailing Labels Report in BlueSky?

  70. How can I to stop Subcontractors from proposing caregivers without configured documents?

  71. How can I update a Shift?

  72. How can my facility contacts enter jobs in my system?

  73. How do caregivers enter time on the mobile app?

  74. How do I add a Degree in BlueSky?

  75. How do I add a License Type under State Licenses?

  76. How do I add a Recruiter?

  77. How do I add a Reference for a Caregiver?

  78. How do I add a Specialty in BlueSky?

  79. How do I add a State License Type?

  80. How do I add a Vendor Type in BlueSky?

  81. How do I add Facility and Unit Contacts?

  82. How do I add fields to the "How did you hear about us?" list?

  83. How do I add my company logo to BlueSky?

  84. How do I add non-working days to a month-long Shift in BlueSky?

  85. How do I add Required Docs?

  86. How do I cancel a Shift?

  87. How do I change a Caregiver from 1099 to W2?

  88. How do I change my BlueSky admin password?

  89. How do I change the Overtime Rate for a Facility?

  90. How do I change what information my Subcontracting Companies can see in our BlueSky system?

  91. How do I change, add, or edit a Facility Holiday?

  92. How do I check data that I imported to BlueSky?

  93. How do I choose the correct User Group?

  94. How do I complete a Required Document for a Caregiver?

  95. How do I complete the General Section of a new Caregiver?

  96. How do I create a Caregiver Profile?

  97. How do I create a Contract?

  98. How do I create a Dashboard?

  99. How do I create a MailChimp List and Segments in BlueSky?

  100. How do I create a Margin Calculator?

  101. How do I create a new Caregiver?

  102. How do I create a new Note Type?

  103. How do I create a new Region?

  104. How do I create a PDF Profile Template for Caregivers?

  105. How do I create a Prophecy BUNDLE of tests and assessments to my Caregivers?

  106. How do I create a Reminder?

  107. How do I create and manage Referral Bonuses?

  108. How do I create Hierarchy Levels for my Subcontracting Companies?

  109. How do I create Payment Types?

  110. How do I create separate Shifts for an entire month?

  111. How do I delete or remove a Facility?

  112. How do I duplicate a Facility in BlueSky?

  113. How do I edit permissions for my recruiters?

  114. How do I email an uploaded document out of BlueSky?

  115. How do I email invoices from BlueSky to my Facility Contacts?

  116. How do I enter a new Subcontracting Company?

  117. How do I enter a Note in a Caregiver profile?

  118. How do I enter a Travel Need?

  119. How do I enter a Unit Rate?

  120. How do I enter a VMS I work with and tag Facilities to that VMS?

  121. How do I enter and release Permanent Placement needs to my SC Companies?

  122. How do I enter Degrees/Specialties for a new Caregiver?

  123. How do I enter my SC Company employees?

  124. How do I enter timesheets in BlueSky?

  125. How do I enter Units in my Facilities?

  126. How do I fill out the Education Record for a new Caregiver?

  127. How do I fill out the Work History Record for a new Caregiver?

  128. How do I force our Companies "Submission Packet" to be Required for our Subcontracting Companies?

  129. How do I limit the number of Candidates Subcontracting Companies can propose for an open Need?

  130. How do I link and send Prophecy Skills Checklists to my Caregivers?

  131. How do I make expiration dates not required?

  132. How do I manually pull Prophecy results into BlueSky?

  133. How do I mass change Recruiters for Caregivers?

  134. How do I modify the SUI in State Taxes?

  135. How do I perform a Candidate Search?

  136. How do I permanently place a caregiver or enter a permanent placement need?

  137. How do I propose a caregiver for an open Shift/Travel Need?

  138. How do I pull all Compact State License holders for this position?

  139. How do I pull specific information from my BlueSky to my MailChimp campaign?

  140. How do I release orders to my SC Companies?

  141. How do I Remove an Exam/Checklist from BlueSky?

  142. How do I remove degrees, specialties, & required documents that I don't need?

  143. How do I request a UBS search in BlueSky?

  144. How do I run bi-weekly payroll in BlueSky?

  145. How do I run early pay if I haven't finished invoicing for a previous week?

  146. How do I schedule a Shift?

  147. How do I send a MailChimp Campaign?

  148. How do I send Prophecy tests and exams from BlueSky?

  149. How do I set up a 1099 Caregiver?

  150. How do I set up a fee for permanently placing Subcontracting Company Caregivers?

  151. How do I set up and use the Text Messaging and Call feature?

  152. How do I set up my company users for Prophecy Nurse Testing?

  153. How do I set up the UBS integration?

  154. How do I setup different Admin Fee Rates for Subcontracting Companies?

  155. How do I setup email notifications so that I am notified when an SC company proposes a caregiver?

  156. How do I setup the Twitter Integration?

  157. How do I update Bill/Pay Rules?

  158. How do I use the basic Capture feature?

  159. How do I use the CareerBuilder integration?

  160. How do I use the Data Import feature in BlueSky?

  161. How do I use the Hireability integration?

  162. How do I use You Sign Here (YSH)?

  163. How do I vet the list of Vendors' Candidates and Reject those that have incomplete files?

  164. How do I view the Candidates my Subcontracting Companies proposed to my Travel Need?

  165. How do I withhold Expiration Dates for a specific Required Document from a Caregiver?

  166. How do my caregivers apply for open shifts/needs on the mobile app?

  167. How do my caregivers login to the mobile app?

  168. How do my caregivers upload timesheets through the app?

  169. How do we print Caregiver Evaluations?

  170. How does "Apply Online" work for my caregivers?

  171. How does BlueSky integrate with ADP?

  172. How does Partial Availability work?

  173. How does the Burden affect my Margins?

  174. How does the MailChimp integration work?

  175. How does the Outlook integration work?

  176. How does the Resume Search feature work in BlueSky?

  177. How does the split Shift/partial cancel button work in Per Diem scheduling?

  178. How to notate a Subcontracting Company Caregiver filling a Shift directly through Agency

  179. How to Send Pay Package From MC

  180. How to Set up the Quickbooks Integration

  181. HyperLinks for Facilities and candidates, contacts and SC company on selected pages

  182. I am a Sub for a VMS, how do I login and what will I see?

  183. I am missing the hireability button feature so is everyone here at this office and I need to mass import resumes please fix asap

  184. I sent a Prophecy request from BlueSky, but the results did not pull in. Why?

  185. I want to track Campaign Statistics in BlueSky. How do I do this?

  186. I'm getting lots of return texts from a text blast, what do they mean?

  187. I've installed a new version of QuickBooks or I've bought a new computer; how do I transfer my QuickBooks file?

  188. Importing Rates in QB

  189. Importing Time Sheets from BlueSky to QB. Caregiver Example

  190. Including "How did you hear about us?" on your application

  191. Including Reminders in Notes Report

  192. Incomplete Disclaimer

  193. Invoice Numbering

  194. Invoice Rate Coeff in Facility Billing Rules

  195. Invoice Set up

  196. Is BlueSky on social media?

  197. Linking Vendors and Facilities together

  198. Linking Vendors and Facilities together

  199. Margin Calculator Expenses

  200. Margin Summary

  201. Multiple Shift Assigning

  202. My caregivers are not receiving Prophecy emails from BlueSky. What is causing this?

  203. My pdf profiles are taking a long time to view or load

  204. Note permission Tip

  205. OT calculations overtime pay and bill

  206. OT Settings Logic

  207. Password Requirements

  208. Pay Package Discrepancies

  209. Pay Package Templates

  210. Pay Package. Expenses Section

  211. Pay Package. Hours/Rates Section.

  212. Pay Package. Job Section

  213. Pay Package. Summary Section.

  214. Payroll Item Setup Prior to Importing Rates in QB

  215. Payroll Reports

  216. PDF Troubleshooting

  217. Permanent Placement Fees

  218. Prophecy Checklist missing in BlueSky

  219. QB PlugIn Cheat Sheet

  220. Rate Logic for the Subcontractors Portal

  221. Red "X" is still showing up on Required Documents

  222. Reports showing up blank in Firefox

  223. Scheduled Other Payments

  224. Search for Caregiver by Mile Radius

  225. Service items in BlueSky  

  226. Service Items in QB Plugin.

  227. Service Items in QuickBooks. Basics

  228. Setting up manual Payroll in QB.

  229. Setting up Subcontracting Companies in BlueSky

  230. Setting up Subcontractors in the QB plug in

  231. Shift Calendar

  232. Shifts with empty rates

  233. Stipend Detailed

  234. Stipend in the Pay Package

  235. SubContractor Portal Tutorial

  236. Submission status notifications for subcontracting companies

  237. Submissions Notification: “Notify about derivative cancellation”

  238. Time Sheet Approval

  239. Transferring Time Sheets from BlueSky to QB with QB PlugIn

  240. Unpaid Timesheets Error

  241. Upgrade 5.5 Community Training 2.09.17

  242. User Groups and Permissions

  243. Vendor Admin Fee Payment Type Setup

  244. Vendor Fees

  245. Voice Blasting in BlueSky

  246. Weekend Rate Logic

  247. What are Invoicing Groups?

  248. What are Rate Groups and how do I create them?

  249. What browsers and operating systems work best with BlueSky?

  250. What Documents are included in the Caregiver Profile?

  251. What does *Allow System to Manage Service Items* function do?

  252. What happens when a caregiver unsubscribes from a mass email from my BlueSky system?

  253. What information should I enter in Company Setup?

  254. What is "Number of Prop"?

  255. What is a quick way to add the same Shift for multiple days?

  256. What is a User Group and how do I add it?

  257. What is the best practice for ending a contract in BlueSky?

  258. What is the Bulletin Board?

  259. What is the character limit for Notes?

  260. What is the purpose of the "Placement" tab?

  261. What Permissions should I setup for caregiver access to my system?

  262. What should I do with a 1099 employee that works in two Regions?

  263. When an applicant completes the online application, which automated emails are sent and to whom?

  264. Which company user receives New Applicant automated emails?

  265. Who receives the "Send for Approval" emails about Margin Calcs?

  266. Why am I getting a discrepancy when trying to import invoices to Great Plains?

  267. Why am I not receiving emails from BlueSky?

  268. Why are my Subcontractor Caregiver Rates not pulling?

  269. Why is there no Expiration Date Showing for a Prophecy Test?

  270. Will the app give my caregivers directions to a facility?

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