1. Setting up Subcontracting Companies in BlueSky

  2. How do I enter a new Subcontracting Company?

  3. Rate Logic for the Subcontractors Portal

  4. How do I release orders to my SC Companies?

  5. Could BlueSky Rate Groups help me as an MSP?

  6. What should I do with a 1099 employee that works in two Regions?

  7. How do I force our Companies "Submission Packet" to be Required for our Subcontracting Companies?

  8. How do I setup email notifications so that I am notified when an SC company proposes a caregiver?

  9. How do I change what information my Subcontracting Companies can see in our BlueSky system?

  10. How do I view the Candidates my Subcontracting Companies proposed to my Travel Need?

  11. How do I enter a VMS I work with and tag Facilities to that VMS?

  12. Can I enable BlueSky to automatically notify my Subcontracting Companies of their Caregivers' Required Documents?

  13. How can I filter for all caregivers working for a Master Vendor?

  14. How to notate a Subcontracting Company Caregiver filling a Shift directly through Agency

  15. How do I limit the number of Candidates Subcontracting Companies can propose for an open Need?

  16. How do I vet the list of Vendors' Candidates and Reject those that have incomplete files?

  17. How do I create Hierarchy Levels for my Subcontracting Companies?

  18. Why are my Subcontractor Caregiver Rates not pulling?

  19. How do I enter and release Permanent Placement needs to my SC Companies?

  20. Vendor Admin Fee Payment Type Setup

  21. How do I set up a fee for permanently placing Subcontracting Company Caregivers?

  22. How do I setup different Admin Fee Rates for Subcontracting Companies?

  23. Submission status notifications for subcontracting companies

  24. Can I setup email notifications about submissions for my SC Contacts?

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